Prince of Wales Island International School, Penang, Malaysia

Curriculum: Years 10 and 11

The final two years of the Junior Curriculum (Years 10-11) cover the IGCSE courses.

Normally pupils take IGCSEs in the core subjects and choose an additional five subjects. Courses follow the CIE IGCSE syllabuses.

All students study the core subjects:
English Language (with Literature for some)
Physics, Chemistry, Biology 
*Personal, Health and Social Education (including Moral Education, Islam and Islamic Studies, as required)
*Physical Education (including Sport)
(* = Non-examined)

In addition, all students choose 4 options, including at least one of History or Geography and one language.
Languages: Bahasa Malaysia (compulsory for Malaysian citizens), Mandarin Chinese, French
Humanities: Business Studies and Economics, Geography, History, Global Perspectives
Arts and Technology: Art, Design Technology, ICT, Computer Science, Drama, Music, Physical Education

We encourage pupils to progress in their own languages and we shall support this whenever possible. We do not encourage pupils to take extra examinations just for the sake of doing so, but special permission may be granted, for example to take IGCSE Japanese in the case of a native speaker.

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