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Monthly Archives: March 2016

An Evening with the Principal

Over 100 year 10 and 11 parents attended our ‘Evening with the Principal’ yesterday at the Evergreen Hotel. Mr Leese shared his thoughts on the importance of this stage in a school career, and information of current school priorities and directions for the future. 

Junior Sports Leaders

On Wednesday 16th March, POWIIS year 10 Junior Sports Leaders welcomed Chin Hwa primary school from Balik Pulau to spend an afternoon training for their upcoming MSSPP athletics.

The leaders did a fantastic job in planning and running their sessions. The Chin Hwa students were coached on a range of athletics events including high jump, long jump, shot put, javelin, discus, sprinting and middle distance running.

Mr Streat was very proud of the year 10 leaders and look forward to hosting Chin Hwa again in the near future. 

Year 7 Nomad Adventure

The Year 7 pupils thoroughly enjoyed their adventurous weekend away at Nomad Earth Camp in Gopeng. The Nomad team were superbly professional and caring and their philosophy of ‘challenge by choice’ meant that no one was made to do anything they did not want to do. Teambuilding activities allowed the group to bond and pupils had time to reflect on what they wanted to achieve from the camp and to set personal goals. They were exceptionally well behaved and it was lovely to see them supporting one another during some exciting but mentally and physically challenging moments. All our pupils discovered that they could do things that they never believed they could and this included climbing the high ropes course, getting across a very wobbly bridge using ropes and climbing carabiners, abseiling and trekking for a number of hours through a physically challenging but spectacular cave system, leaping off a high tower to reach for a ball and experiencing the thrill of rafting as a team on the white water rapids of the stunning Kampar River. For some just being away from home was a challenge but they all certainly enjoyed sleeping together in the large airy dormitories, riding and singing in an open truck, swimming in the river and toasting marshmallows over a campfire. Our pupils left Nomad with huge smiles on their faces and a wonderful sense of personal achievement. We were all so very proud of them and they were a pleasure to be away with and a credit to parents and POWIIS. A huge thank you to the staff, Mrs Clarke, Miss Armond, Mr Kam and Mr Stokes who gave up their weekend to support our pupils. 

Penang Philharmonic Festival

4 POWIIS students participated in a concert with Penang Philharmonic Orchestra and they were playing along with a group of local, young, and professional musicians featuring a Japanese cello soloist Yoshiko Ikemura. This concert marks the beginning of Penang Philharmonic Festival 2016. 

Pi Day

The 14th March is recognised as Pi Day because the date can be written as 3.14 (3rd month, 14th day). To celebrate this important number Year 7 took on the role of investigators and followed in Archimedes’ footsteps by using regular polygons to estimate the value of Pi. Archimedes was the first mathematician to estimate pi, which he did to 99% accuracy and this was over 2000 years ago without a computer! Like Archimedes, the students had to use the knowledge of polygon areas to estimate the area of the circle. Many of our students discovered Pi to within a couple of decimal places. Well done! This wasn’t an easy task but they used their problem solving skills to overcome what they did not know and now have a better understanding of 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781640628620899862803482534211706798214808651328230664709384460955058223172535940812848111745028410270193852110… 

Drama Showcase of Selected Examination Work

The Drama Showcase is our annual event to show parents and the general public some of the examination pieces for IGCSE , A-levels and the Trinity Hall London Exams. Pieces performed here are of a very high standard and students can assess their own performances against the audiences’ reactions. This year we also had a student-director in the form of Vince De Leon who directed a piece by Edward Albee with our exchange students. 

Titanic Effort

Our Czech exchange students showed their marketing flair and considerable wit at lunchtime today in their campaign to advertise the upcoming Titanic ball. We were even serenaded by Celine Dion. Wonderful stuff. 

Eclipse at POWIIS

Ingenuity abounded this morning as students and staff captured the partial eclipse in many and varied ways, with some striking results. No guesses as to which contraption won the best decorated viewer. Thanks to the many cardboard boxes who gave their all in the pursuit of science.

For more photos, please go to POWIIS Facebook page.  

Netball Tournament

POWIIS U16 & U19 netball teams took part in a large netball tournament featuring many of the best school netball teams in Singapore, Malaysia & several other countries.

The U16 girls managed to qualify for the top of the 3 tiers of the competition finally finishing an extremely credible 8th position out of 19 teams. The U19 girls qualified for the plate league (2nd tier), most notably beating ‘locals’ Alice Smith school. To top off an amazing achievement by all the girls, our very own Nathalie Sigrist was nominated most valuable player in the entire plate league by the umpires! Congratulations to all those involved!