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Yearly Archives: 2017

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End of Term Christmas Concert

Students from each year group along with staff performed in the end of term Christmas concert recently. A fun time had by all – everyone enjoyed themselves very much.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at POWIIS!  

Christmas Bake Off

In the last weeks of term, the corridors were filled with the sweet smell of baking for the Inter-House Christmas Bake Off. Three students from each House were challenged to bake a Buche De Noel (Yule Log) under timed conditions. Much fun, and mess, was had as students baked, rolled and decorated.

The Bake Off, including a staff Christmas bake category, was judged by Chef Yao from Métisser Patisserie in George Town. Glamorgan were crowned winners with their lumberjack themed Buche De Noel and Ms Stranney’s spiced Christmas cake won the staff category.

The Humanitarian Society organised a cake sale at lunchtime with all the cakes and the fund was raised to help with future charity projects.  

Caroling Around the Christmas Tree

Early this week we had our annual Caroling Around the Christmas Tree event where all Year 7s gathered in the school lobby to sing carols for students, parents, and staff as part of the holiday celebrations.  

Artist in Residence Art Exhibition

Last week, POWIIS hosted an art exhibition by the artist-in-residence, Maria Tilt, featuring her latest works, ‘Portraits of Penang’, a collection of digital and traditional portraits.  

French Club Activity

Members of the French Club satisfied their sweet tooth cravings as Ms. Galy walked them through the process of creating crepes. The students mixed their own dough, and did their best to cook and flip the thin pancakes. At the end of the activity, they sat down to reward themselves with the results of their efforts, and chose from toppings of Nutella, raspberry jam, and honey.  

Year 10 Parents’ Reception

Last Wednesday, parents of the Year 10s attended the annual Parents’ Reception. They were invited to a presentation explaining the changes to the IGCSE curriculum, as well as a guide to the new 9 – 1 grading scale. The reception, split into two sessions, offered parents the chance to meet their child’s subject teacher, and discuss their progress and achievement.  

Mental Health Awareness Week

Last week, POWIIS observed Mental Health Awareness week, and held several activities to improve mindfulness – the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment.

Students and staff were encouraged to join in, with Tuesday’s activities consisting of qi gong, mandala colouring and practising mindfulness through blowing bubbles, whilst Wednesday featured Zumba, mandala colouring, and a food-tasting session.  

Parent-Child Tuesday Lunchtime Concert

The Tuesday Lunchtime Concerts had a special Parent-Child edition this week, and featured a host of musically inclined parents and their children. The audience enjoyed the variety of performances, and we look forward to more!  

Artist in Residence Art Exhibition

Our artist in residence, Maria Tilt, will be having an art exhibition from the 6th of December to the 8th of December. Entitled ‘Portraits of Penang’, the collection of digital and traditional portraits offer a glimpse into Penang’s old-world charm. The pieces exhibited are available for purchase, and will be on sale from 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm for the duration of the exhibition.  

Wizard of Oz Rehearsal

Dance rehearsals for the upcoming musical, choreographed by Jaslyn Chia of Year 12 and POWIIS alumna Charity Yong.  

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