Prince of Wales Island International School, Penang, Malaysia

Monthly Archives: January 2017

Chinese Week

What a wonderful way to begin the holidays – after an eventful and culturally delightful week! The students had the time of their lives with the various Chinese Week activities that included lantern making, practicing their calligraphy skills, trying their hand at Chinese Chess and participating in the Chinese New Year quiz. Happy holidays, and Gong Xi Fa Cai! 

Chinese New Year Assembly

Dancing, singing, acting… They had it all! The students really got into the spirit of Chinese New Year as seasoned and new performers alike got up on the stage and gave it their all. It certainly was a show that embodied the festive essence of the new lunar year! 

Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club members were star-struck by the comparative size and scale of our solar system. In this lesson, the students were brought out of the school campus to see the size comparison of the first four planets nearest to the sun, with the Sun scaled down to a 1 meter diameter. The scaling was done with the actual scaled down size of the planet as well as the size of its orbits. With the actual scaled down model, the students were thrilled to learn more about how far each planet was from the Sun as well as how big they were! 

Ballet West Student Exchange Programme

“Ballet is like dreaming with your feet”. – Anonymous

If that were the case, our girls are certainly dreamers! The girls were a part of the Ballet West Student Exchange Programme, which is a collaboration effort between Direct Academia International (DAI) and Ballet West UK.

DAI, a social enterprise, has a huge focus on human capital development through education and is a platform for the ballet community. Their activities include School Outreach Programme (Project EDEN), Student Exchange Programme, Dance, Artistry Support and many other exciting pursuits. Ballet West, situated in Scotland, regularly produces medallists in the Genee and graduates have gone on to be employed by dance companies globally.

The talented girls were Yee Xin Cher, who won the Outstanding Artistic Development Award, Angelique Thum, who received the Outstanding Dance Artistry Award and Utano Goda. All three participated in the Ballet West Student Exchange Programme held in Scotland and were awarded with certificates for their performances. POWIIS would like to congratulate them on their achievements! 

Fitness Club

Get fit the fun way with the Warrior Fitness after-school activity! Divided into three groups, the exuberant students did three sets of different activities during the hour-long workout. At this rate, the students will be well and truly fit by the end of term! 

Boys’ Rugby

The Monday was made much livelier as the boys’ rugby team kicked off the beginning of the week with gusto. Here’s to a good week! 

Boarders Activity – The Year of the Cockerel

With the build up of excitement and preparations for Chinese New Year, our weekend boarders worked collaboratively to create a giant hand-painted cockerel, in celebration of the Year of the Cockerel. 

Senior Cultural Obligations – Dance

The girls were grace personified at today’s Dance class! The weekly Dance classes are held as a part of Thursday’s Senior Cultural Obligations, with the students learning contemporary and physical theatre type dance moves. 

Boarders Return

It was an exciting Sunday at POWIIS as new boarders and old boarders alike settled into their respective dorms. Both housemasters were kept extremely busy, whilst the Principal gave a short presentation on boarding. It was certainly a lively prelude to the start of the new term!