Prince of Wales Island International School, Penang, Malaysia

Monthly Archives: March 2017

Photography Club

This term, the photography club members were exposed to two main genres in photography, which were photojournalism and street photography. During the transition period, they were given small tasks to exercise their basic understanding of their cameras. The students also learnt how the most minor of adjustments could change they way their photographs looked. The field trip to Balik Kampung in Balik Pulau was their highlight of the term, as they had the opportunity to finally put what they had learnt thus far into practice.  

Earth Hour

The students were thrilled to participate in Earth Hour – the worldwide movement organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature. The aim of the movement is to turn off all non-essential lights for an hour as a symbol of commitment to our planet. Both the students and staff were thoroughly engrossed in writing messages on the green hearts in an effort to make a world of difference. What a wonderful show of support to Mother Nature!  

Artist in Residence Art Exibition

What a wonderful display of art and creativity! Our artist in residence, Holly Clements, had a beautiful art exhibition entitled Penang: Jungle & Pattern. The pieces were inspired by Penang’s nature scenery as well as other aspects of the island. The students and staff certainly enjoyed the exhibition – always a pleasing sight to see!  

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

The students certainly had a ball at the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) after school activity! They learned how to pitch tents properly as part of their preparation for the upcoming expedition. Mr Garlick helpfully went around testing the endurance of each tent to make sure they were sturdy enough, and to ensure that no rain could get in!  

Salon Music Tuesday Lunchtime Concert

The weekly Tuesday Lunchtime Concert has brought some respite amidst the gloomy weather, as POWIIS was treated to some salon music. Salon compositions are fairly short and usually focus on virtuoso pianistic display, or emotional expression of a sentimental character. The students played beautifully, and we look forward to more musical delights in the future.  

Art Exibition by HollyAnne Clements

This Friday, on the 24th of March, there will be a showcase of the work our artist in residence has created whilst at POWIIS. The exhibition will be held in the POWIIS dance studio from 1pm. Holly looks forward to sharing the paintings and prints she has created thus far! 

Senior Boys’ Football

What a game! POWIIS had a friendly match against Uplands School this week, and ended the game with a score of 1-3. Congratulations to the winning team from Uplands, and we look forward to more matches soon! 

Bugsy Malone Rehearsals

What an enthusiastic practice session for the upcoming school production! The excitement is certainly building up as the date draws closer… This year’s production, Bugsy Malone, is scheduled on the 7th of July 2017 at 7pm whilst the 8th of July show starts at 3pm. Both dates will be open for the public to watch and enjoy! The tickets for the show will be on sale shortly. 

Piano Tuesday Lunchtime Concert

The weekly Tuesday Lunchtime Concert (TLC) unveiled yet another surprise this time – in the form of their first ever piano edition! The previous weeks have seen a lot of firsts, with the dance edition and Chinese New year performances. The theme was ‘8 Hands’, inspired by the imagery of four friends playing on one piano. The talented pianists truly entertained the audience, and we look forward to more firsts! 

Sports Day 2017

What an enjoyable day – full of sunshine, sports and socialising! The students had a memorable Sports Day, and everyone emerged as a winner in their own right. Congratulations to the Durham house for coming out on top as the overall victor for Sports Day!