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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Open Day

Last Saturday saw a very busy Open Day, which had two presentations, namely an Introduction to the School by our Principal, Mr. Leese, as well as an Information Session regarding the iGCSEs by our Deputy Principal, Mr. Green. Our students were happy to bring the guests around for a student-led POWIIS tour, and guests were free to observe the ongoing lessons in the classrooms.   

Leo Club

After the success of organising last year’s Halloween event, the members of our Leo Club have gone on to raise RM 6882.00 to assist the students from Life Bridge Learning Centre to help with purchasing their education supplies. The LEOs presented the donation to the students, and were saddened to hear to the harrowing tales the students had to tell. They spoke about survival and hardship amongst poverty, and demonstrated how the human spirit is able to triumph against insurmountable odds. A truly inspiring experience, and POWIIS wishes only the best in their future endeavours.  

Cambridge High Achievement Award

More than one million students all around the world sat for the Cambridge examinations last year, from countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, China, India, and Singapore. POWIIS is pleased to announce that Teh Hui Min has been awarded with the High Achievement Award for her results in the Cambridge International A-Levels Chinese.

This award is bestowed upon students who have achieved outstanding results in subjects that are not widely taken, and learners who achieve the highest standard marks in the country in a particular subject.

Congratulations Hui Min!  

Science Department Performance

The Science Department had a surprise for the students today in the form of a special musical item in honour of our departing year 11s. The teachers dressed up in their lab coats and certainly delivered a rousing performance!  

AIMS Young Musician Award

Tyler Chan in year 10 was selected to be in the top 6 (out of 19 competitors) to compete in the finals of the AIMS Young Musician Award at Tenby School Eco Setia. Tyler performed exceptionally well and was able to deliver a highly credible performance against competitors who had competed in major competitions in Malaysia. Very well done, indeed!  

Shakespeare Demystified Workshop – Macbeth

“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.”

Today, the Shakespeare Demystified Theatre Company was at POWIIS to deliver a series of exciting workshops for our English Literature and Drama students. The KL Players worked with students to introduce the themes and ideas behind Shakespeare’s tragic play: Macbeth. Students were actively involved in drama activities to get them into the minds and motives of the characters of the play.

Tomorrow, Shakespeare Demystified will be performing Macbeth in POWIIS’s own auditorium; a real treat for our Key Stage 4 students as they will get to see one of Shakespeare’s greatest works performed live and be able to ask the actors about the production.  

Bugsy Malone Rehearsals

As the opening night draws closer, the enthusiasm and energy has noticeably spiked during rehearsals! The students can be seen tirelessly going over their lines, and acting out their parts. This year’s production, Bugsy Malone, is scheduled on the 7th of July 2017 at 7pm whilst the 8th of July show starts at 3pm. Both dates will be open for the public to watch and enjoy! The tickets for the show will be on sale shortly.  

World Scholar’s Cup 2017

Over the weekend, POWIIS hosted the Penang Round of the World Scholar’s Cup for the fifth year running. 440 brilliant scholars turned up for the event – our biggest turn out yet. The participants took part in a curriculum-based debate, essay writing, a multiple-choice test, and the ‘Scholar’s Bowl’ – a live tournament where the team members answered questions together. Congratulations to all the teams who qualified for the global round, and the best of luck to you!


More photos available for download:  

End of Term Concert

The last day of term marked the traditional end of term concert, which saw students from all year groups working together to create wonderful music. The staff joined in on the fun as well, and the audience enjoyed each performance immensely. Have a happy Easter break!  

Swimming Gala and Rounders

The POWIIS Swimming Gala couldn’t have come at a better time – the school was brimming with good sportsmanship and high spirits! Whilst the seniors were at the Swimming Gala, the juniors enjoyed a hearty game of Rounders at the field. The juniors and seniors then switched – ensuring that fun (and strong competition) was had by all.