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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Farewell for Ms Wilkinson

Our beloved Head of Science, Ms. Anne Wilkinson, taught her last classes today at POWIIS. A devoted animal lover and a pioneer staff member, Anne has relocated to America’s Golden State – California. She will be dearly missed by all of us at POWIIS!  

Another COBIS Student Achievement Award – Gabriel De Leon

The following citation was rewarded by COBIS (Council of British International Schools):

“Gabriel isn’t a star in the making – he is a star already made. Entering the Malaysian book of records at an early age for being the youngest Malaysian ever to achieve Grade 8 on the drums, music has always been his passion. However, the reason for nomination is not his ability, but how he uses it for the benefit of the school community. He is constantly on stage, either as a lead performer or graciously backing and encouraging others to perform. He is also outstanding academically and the head of the school humanitarian organisation, working with disadvantaged local children.”

Congratulations, Gabriel!  

Painting for LifeBridge Learning Centre

POWIIS’ Leo Club and Interior Design members visited the LifeBridge Learning Centre recently to deliver their version of Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’. The piece was enthusiastically received, and was securely hung by members of our maintenance team.  

Staff Buka Puasa Dinner

In the spirit of Ramadhan, POWIIS organised a ‘Buka Puasa’ dinner to celebrate the season with the staff. We wish everyone a ‘Selamat Hari Raya!”  

Bugsy Malone Cupcake Sales

Bugsy Malone themed goodies on sale in the cafeteria – combining the love for baked goods and theatre! The cupcakes were baked by the Baking Club and were popular with the students, as well as members of the staff.  

Bugsy Malone Promotional Teaser Performance

The students visited St. Christopher’s International Primary School Penang and Shih Chung Primary School to perform Bugsy Malone as a promotional teaser performance, as a reminder of our upcoming school production. Tickets are on sale now, so be quick!  

Boarders’ Activities

Last Saturday a team of explorers consisting of Mr. Liu, Mr. Reeves, Emily, Jamie, Tip, Cheng Yi, and Kin Weng, set out on a track to Turtle beach. They learned about the life pattern of an ant, the art of conjuring tricks and the unique Meromictic Lake.

Another example of “true” meromictic lake is the world famous Dead Sea. However, the Dead Sea is a permanent lake, not a seasonal one like here. In total, there are less than 20 real meromictic lakes in the whole world. This is another reason why this area deserves to be part of Penang National Park.

After a hearty brunch and a few exciting games of cards, the group took a boat ride back to Teluk Bahang and finished the day with char koay teow!  

Penang TeachMeet

Last week, POWIIS hosted and organised ‘Teachmeet’, where teachers from international schools around the island congregated and shared their thoughts and ideas. We hope to be a part of more such events in the future, as there were many innovative opinions shared throughout the session.  

POWIIS Cultural Exchange Programme 2017

Over the weekend, five of our students took part in the POWIIS Cultural Exchange Programme, in collaboration with the Kids’ Philharmonic Orchestra, in Singapore. The students, Gabriel de Leon, Carolynn Git, Tyler Chan, Edmund Tan, and Yeoh Bing Xuan, participated in workshops, and rehearsed with the conductor, the orchestra, and the string tutors.

They were then given the opportunity to perform ‘Peter and the Wolf’ alongside the Kids’ Philharmonic Orchestra at the Esplanade Concert Hall – one of the world’s best concert halls. Gabriel reprised his role as narrator, whilst Carolynn, Tyler, Edmund, and Bing Xuan were the violinists for the show.

The students also had the chance to explore the island, and visited numerous places of interest. It was, overall, an enjoyable experience.  

A COBIS Student Achievement Award for Naomi Takeuchi

The following citation was rewarded by COBIS (Council of British International Schools)

“The most unassuming young lady you are likely to meet, Naomi’s delicate nature belies a will of steel. Being a top ballet dancer (and multiple other disciplines) she has put herself through gruelling training for years. Whilst keeping up with all her academic studies, her dancing has moved to an international stage, yet she always brings it back to us at POWIIS to amaze and inspire the next generation. Recently, seeing her spend over an hour of warm up to perform 1.5 minutes of pure dancing perfection at a national conference seemed the perfect metaphor of how she approaches life.”

Congratulations to Naomi!