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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Summer Football Camp

Introducing the Junior and Senior teams – young, enthusiastic, and ready for anything!

The Stokes City Summer Football camp is officially in action at POWIIS, and features 6 hours of coaching by UEFA B coaches from the Stoke City academy. Open to boys and girls aged six to eighteen, the two-week summer camp includes trophies, food, T-shirts, and the most important component of all – fun!  

End of Term Concert

POWIIS saw the academic year come to a close with the traditional end of term concert, featuring talented students and members of staff. The audience heard (and saw!) instrumental versions of popular pop songs, and energetic renditions of a myriad of song genres. The performances alternated between vocal performances, and dance routines, which were carefully choreographed and included hints of drama and humour – the perfect send off to enjoy the summer break!  

New Telescope & Solar Observation

The arrival of the new 90 mm refractor telescopes allowed for the students from the GCSE Astronomy Course to observe both the sun and the effects of the recent outburst, as well as the Solar Minimum – the period of least solar activity in the 11 year solar cycle of the sun, which refers to the diminishing of sunspots and solar flare activities.

The students were guided in the setting up of telescopes, and learned how to identify sunspots. They also completed their task of sketching sunspots, as part of their preparation for the practical task next academic year. The telescopes will undoubtedly be used for more observations and practical tasks in the future, before they sit for their examinations in June 2018.  

Spanish Club

This term, the Spanish club enjoyed the company of Mrs. Doege, who visited to teach the students (and their teacher!) how to make salsa. She also helped the students with their pronunciation, and shared anecdotes and history about her native Argentina. In conjunction with the last meeting of the term, Mrs. Doege taught the club a Northern Argentina specialty – chipacitos, which are little cheese balls made out of tapioca flour.

The students loved getting their hands floury, and shaping the chipacitos. For many, it was their first time tasting Swiss gruyere (a kind of cheese), and enjoyed the blend of three different kinds of cheese needed to make the dish. The kitchen staff were an immense help as well, and everyone had a delightful time with the finished product, and some fruit juice.

The recipe is available below for those interested to try out the recipe themselves, and practise their Spanish along the way!

– 1kg tapioca starch
– 3 eggs
– 250g gaoda cheese
– 250g cheddar
– 100g butter
– 600g warm milk
– 20g salt  

Year 8 SATB Singing Competition

Certainly a rousing end to the school year for the Year 8s – the SATB Singing Competition exhibited the range of vocals the students have, and gave the audience wonderful renditions of ‘Seasons of Love’. Accompanied by Tyler Chan of Year 10, and a panel of judges led by Mr. Victor Kam, the winners were then awarded with trophies for their performance. Well done!  

Year 9 Eco-School Project

This term, the Year 9 personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) students participated in an Eco-School project. They were split into teams, and had to come up with simple plans to make POWIIS more environmentally friendly.

Dlynn Lim, Zhi Yu Khor, Lois Tolley, and Sarah Li (pictured here with teacher Ms Aoife Stranney) made up the winning team, after their idea to have a school vegetable garden impressed the POWIIS PSHE department. The girls contributed a simple but detailed action plan, and presented their ideas to their peers.

Well done ladies!  

Year 7 Extended Project

The Year 7s have been studying the world’s continents during their Extended Project on Wednesday afternoons. The six groups were assigned with a continent each (Antarctica was left out), and the students enjoyed learning about the music and dance, the art, the natural wonders, the wildlife, the languages, and the religions of each of the regions. Each group also made a physical 3D model of their assigned continent with some impressive results!  

Year 7 and 8 Parents’ Reception

Parents and guardians had a productive time at the Years 7 and 8 Parents’ Reception. The reception was split into two sessions, with one from 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm, and the next from 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm. Parents also made prior appointments with their child’s tutor for an update on their progress, and enjoyed the opportunity to speak with the subject teachers.  

Battle of the Bands

The Battle of the Bands saw several talented students performing a myriad of genres. Twelve bands delighted the audience, with the final battle today deciding the ultimate winner of the competition. May the best band win!