Prince of Wales Island International School, Penang, Malaysia


Fundamental to the School is academic endeavour; the Prince of Wales Island International School will provide an environment where learning is central to the day's events and where each pupil is treated as an individual.

We also believe that a happy and wholesome environment helps children to learn better. By monitoring their progress through an effective pastoral system, we can best guide and counsel our pupils in their academic lives.

Our teachers will have strong academic credentials and a passion for their subjects. With a broad and well-balanced curriculum our pupils will be encouraged to excel in as many areas as they can, and they will be challenged and supported to develop skills and confidence where once they may have felt less able. Learning support will be available in English Language and for children from different backgrounds. POWIIS will also be offering an English Language Preparation Course, further details of which can be found here.

We shall teach a British style curriculum, preparing students for IGCSE and A level examinations. Please follow the links on the left of this page for details of the academic curriculum.

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