Prince of Wales Island International School, Penang, Malaysia


The purpose of scholarships is twofold.

They provide public recognition of talent and achievement, allowing those of outstanding ability to give leadership through their own example.

Scholarship is about pursuing study or talents beyond normal standards. Scholars show high levels of self-motivation, determination, initiative, creativity and independence. They are enthusiastic; they love what they are doing. They develop passion for their subjects and activities, and show levels of commitment and organisation beyond that of their contemporaries. Scholarship can be in one particular subject or area of activity, or it can be across a whole range of talents.

Younger pupils will show traits that point towards scholarship; further strengths will develop as they gain maturity. Candidates for sixth form scholarships will already show many of the characteristics.

Scholarships to the Prince of Wales Island International School will be awarded on merit. In the first instance, potential scholars will be identified through the normal admissions process and invited to go forward for further consideration. Further assessment is by various means. For example, musicians will be called for audition, sports players will be observed at an event or match, and academic candidates might be asked to give a presentation or submit a project.

In cases where families need help with school fees, parents should contact us confidentially in advance of submitting a Registration Form. Discretionary awards may be made in the case of exceptional students whose family cannot afford a full fee. In such cases, full financial disclosure is required.

Scholarships awarded on entry are applicable for the student’s entire time at the School, subject to continued good performance and good behavior. Terms and Conditions apply.

Scholarships available are defined by the School’s needs and facilities at any time, and are published for any given year. The School may vary the range and scopes of awards.

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