Prince of Wales Island International School, Penang, Malaysia

AS Drama and Theatre Studies Practical Examination

The AS Drama and Theatre Studies students had a successful practical examination. The group performance piece Рentitled Christie in Love by Howard Brenton, featured performances by Ome Aosakul, Gabriel De Leon and Tomoya Itoi, whilst Claudia Reeves and Yan Bin Phua operated sound and lighting respectively. The students creatively utilised the unconventional space of the backstage area of the school auditorium as their stage, and drew inspiration from the likes of Brecht and Artaud. The influences of these theatre practitioners were clearly seen and felt, in their acting styles, the sounds and lighting used during the performance, as well as the design of the set, which was designed and constructed by the students themselves. The practical examination was attended by an intimate audience, which consisted of members of the sixth form, teaching staff, and Year 11 IGCSE Drama students.