Biggest Loser Competition!

14 April 2021

The POWIIS teachers held a ‘Biggest Loser’ competition last term, and after a fiercely fought contest, Alan Reeves was declared the winner!

Alan explains: “I started my diet on 13 Dec, a few weeks before the Biggest Loser Competition was announced and I’d already lost 4kg by the time it started. I’d already decided to put myself on a serious diet so I thought that the competition would add a bit of fun to it. I do enjoy dieting, some people would describe my diet as a ‘yo-yo’ diet but it’s not like that; on the one hand, I enjoy eating whatever and whenever I like for a period of time. However, I also love the challenge of restricting myself to a regime of healthy eating, coupled with swimming a mile a day. It’s fun watching the kgs dropping during every week’s ‘weigh-in’!”

Each competitor paid a fee to enter, with the winner taking the jackpot and a % going to the winner’s chosen charity – but generously Alan decided instead to donate all the proceeds to his chosen charity ‘Kawan’ and here he is delivering his donation!