Prince of Wales Island International School, Penang, Malaysia

Boarders’ Activities

Last Saturday a team of explorers consisting of Mr. Liu, Mr. Reeves, Emily, Jamie, Tip, Cheng Yi, and Kin Weng, set out on a track to Turtle beach. They learned about the life pattern of an ant, the art of conjuring tricks and the unique Meromictic Lake.

Another example of “true” meromictic lake is the world famous Dead Sea. However, the Dead Sea is a permanent lake, not a seasonal one like here. In total, there are less than 20 real meromictic lakes in the whole world. This is another reason why this area deserves to be part of Penang National Park.

After a hearty brunch and a few exciting games of cards, the group took a boat ride back to Teluk Bahang and finished the day with char koay teow!