Prince of Wales Island International School, Penang, Malaysia

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MSSPP Archery Competition

Ryan Lee’s skills were certainly put to the test in a recent MSSPP Archery Competition. The Year 8 student did a remarkable job, winning first place under the individual category and first runner up in the under-14s World Archery category. He was awarded with trophies and certificates during this week’s assembly, and we wish him the best in future competitions. Well done, Ryan!  

Boarders’ Weekend Activity

Over the weekend, the boarders visited Penangpac to see ‘Short & Sweet’ and had a fantastic time. Touted as the ‘biggest platform for 10-minutes of creativity’, the festival showcased 7 original dance works and 8 original short plays over 11 days. It was an enjoyable Saturday night at the theatre, and we look forward to more!  

Penang Junior Close Golf Tournament

Recently, Soraya Ng came in third at the Penang Junior Close Golf Tournament, which was held at Penang Golf Resort. She participated in the Under 18 category, and made both Penang and POWIIS proud with her achievements. She will go on to represent the state in the national level competition, and we wish her all the best. Congratulations!  

Junior Sport Leadership Award (JSLA)

Recently, several members of POWIIS’ Junior Sport Leadership Award (JSLA) helped to coordinate and manage the juniors’ outdoor after school activity. They exhibited excellent organisational skills, constantly guiding and helping the juniors throughout their hour long activity.  

German Exchange Student

We welcomed our German exchange student at assembly. As soon as she arrived Hannah jumped into our Balik Pulau relief team. A great start!  

Flood Relief

Volunteer students and staff headed down to Balik Pulau to help with flood relief on Sunday. No pictures of what they found, respecting privacy. They did great work. Not a high quality picture; very high quality young people.  

Year 7 Extended Project

Recently, the youngest members of POWIIS took part in their Year 7 Extended Project. The theme of the project was ‘Home’, and helped them to familiarise themselves with POWIIS as their second home. They were challenged to develop a treasure hunt, and worked together to solve mental and physical challenges based on their school subjects and their familiarity with the POWIIS campus. At the end, they were rewarded with some chocolate treasure!  

The Times Educational Supplement Awards

Here is some VERY good news!

Once again POWIIS has gained international recognition. The Times Educational Supplement annual awards go to U.K. Independent Schools in a number of categories. There is one overseas category. There are FOUR shortlisted schools worldwide. The only school in Asia to be included is us.

Well done to all! Details of the nomination will be in the next Pulse.  

Spray Painting Workshop

The winners of POWIIS’ first ever Street Art Competition! They took part in a spray painting workshop run by two artists from the Art Assembly, Nicole Yap and Sliz, and learned about the history of street art and different spray painting techniques. After an eventful session, they were then given free rein to create their own designs.  

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