Prince of Wales Island International School, Penang, Malaysia

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Cooking Club

The cooking club has completed one cycle of creating their own 3 course meal which consisted of a starter, a main and a dessert. Last week’s session featured their starters, cheese potato salad, fresh salad and tempura prawns and vegetables. 

Year 9 Science Fair

This afternoon we had our very own science fair by our Year 9 students. The fair was opened for all students to attend and it turned out to be a great hit with both the teachers and students! 

Egg Challenge

Today marks the end of the POWIIS Egg Challenge among all the Year 10 students! This is part of their PSHE lesson about responsibility. They were each given an egg to take care of as if it was their baby, carrying it around at all times and even coming up with fun activities for their egg to participate in!

AIMS Young Musician Award 2018

Joshua Lau (Year 9) and Maegan Ang (Year 10) took part in the AIMS Young Musician Award of the Year 2018 at Nexus International School in Putrajaya last weekend.

Both students were in Category B (aged 11 to 14). Out of 27 participants from international schools in Malaysia, Maegan was awarded the ‘Special Mentioned’ prize and Joshua Lau was chosen to be one of the four finalists that competed in the Final round the next day.

The standard was extremely high and the judges graded the performance on clarity, confidence in their playing (that includes stage appearance), quality of musicianship and stylistic understanding. Both executed their performances very well and the judges spoke very highly of their musicianship skills. Well done!  

Nutmeg Tree Planting

Today is the last day of teaching in school for the sixth formers before their examinations. At lunchtime they planted a nutmeg tree as a gift to the school. Nutmeg has many wonderful attributes – just like the students themselves.  

Sixth Form University Fair

A mini university fair made up from 16 universities from Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand was held in the Sixth Form Centre yesterday. The Sixth Formers had the opportunity to learn more about university courses and life abroad.  

Educational Visit

POWIIS welcomed 30 teaching staff from Santa Cruz Convent School Bangkok, Thailand today as part of their study of technology integration in education. They were given a school tour by three of our Sixth Formers and Principal Simon Leese was delighted to share some interesting insights about POWIIS with them.  

World Scholar’s Cup 2018

The World Scholar’s Cup was held in Penang again this year. Over 500 scholars from local and international schools participated in the Penang Round. The first day of the Cup featuring debating and writing was held at POWIIS. The Scholar’s Bowl was later held at USM.  

Wizard of Oz Production

Some pictures from our Wizard of Oz production. Thank you to everyone who came and supported and to all the students and teachers who made the show such a success.

We have more photos to share in the weeks to come!  

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