Champions of Race4Good FOBISIA School

10 December 2020

We have WON!

After 5 weeks of tenacious dedication, intense planning and late nights paid off for our 16 Year 11’s to 13’s who took part in the 1st FOBISIA Race4Good community uplifting challenge. Assigned to enhance the lives of people in a remote Himalayan village of Guphapokhari, Nepal, our students took part in five mid-race challenges, winning three of them. At the same time, they aced two rounds- the family uplift challenge and the cooperative challenge. For the final, they created a whole community uplift plan tapping into the existing economic activities of the villagers to generate income towards improving their health post, schools and the overall standard of living. Facing a brave challenge from Nexus International School also from Malaysia, our team’s idea won over the hearts and minds of our judges in what was a close contest. Our congratulations go out to the team and chief advisor Mr. Darren Lim for blazing the trail in this competition. Most importantly, our students have developed a stronger sense of empathy as well as a better understanding of what it takes to be a distinguished community leader. The video of their Final Whole Community Uplift implementation will be available later in December, but here is the link to their Round 1 Family Uplift implementation. Watch their best laid plans realised at the community. Well done!