Conducting Orchestral Instrumental Programme (OIP) lessons online

6 January 2021

Taking part in musical activities, and learning an instrument has so many benefits for the mind and body. One of these is the social aspect – producing music together as a group; working, failing, and succeeding together; supporting others and receiving support – these all make us feel good. Alongside the advantage of being able to practise skills independently at home, another benefit of most students now owning their own instruments has meant that we have been able to continue to conduct Orchestral Instrumental Programme (OIP) lessons in recorder, violin, and cello, on video communication platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet despite school being closed. This is in addition to more general musicianship activities which are posted on Tapestry, Seesaw, or Google Classroom as appropriate to the age of the children.
The 1-1 teaching staff and students have also been meeting online to continue their learning in preparation for upcoming virtual recitals. It’s been wonderful to see so many children involved in Music albeit from afar – even POWIIS teaching staff may be getting musical and festive during CMCO…to be continued!