DEC Project

26 February 2021

As part of our innovative education model DEC is mapped throughout the curriculum from Year 5 to Year 9. The students first experience of DEC is creating a SOS: Sustainable Outreach Shelter. In this project, learners imagine themselves as engineers and create a blueprint outlining how they have transformed a stadium into a place that provides shelter for those who need it most. Within Year 6 students will create a House for all, the concept is to develop empathy for different social groups and understand the needs of the users, against a set criteria to design a home that can grow with the family unit. Year 7 takes on the challenge of creating a Seaside facility for the community with all the reclamation projects in Penang the students need to rise to the challenge of the Penang 2030 agenda. For Year 8 we focus on heritage as George town is a UNSECO heritage site the students plan a restaurant that can embrace the charm of the city. This develops into Year 9 where the students develop a village school in Uganda; the key area is designing for sustainability and to upskill the local community.