End of Term Lunch At Botanica Mansion

20 August 2019

This year went by in a blink of an eye and it is finally summer break for the school. You can imagine what a delight it was when POWIIS Admin Staff found out there is going to be a team lunch @ Botanica Mansion which was built in early 1881. There, they had relaxed conversations over a table with delicious food and drinks, thanks to the staff of Botanica Mansion.
These are the faces (for those who cannot make it, you are not forgotten) who are behind the scenes, realising dreams, making things happen in POWIIS, keeping a smile on their faces despite a hard day. In POWIIS, we always believe the main backbone is the people, whether is it academic, administration, facility/maintenance, management team. Thank you so much for your hard work this year! We look forward to the coming academic year ahead together!