Enrichment at POWIIS – The POWIIS Project

22 July 2021

At POWIIS we are fully committed to our Core Values and aim to nurture a sense of service in our students through a wide variety of enrichment opportunities. POWIIS is socially responsible and proud to contribute to the future of Penang. We believe that everyone in our community can make a difference and we hope that, by the time our students leave us, they will have an informed conscience that they will act upon. In every student’s journey through the school there is the opportunity for meaningful engagement with the local community and the world beyond.

New this year is The POWIIS Project! We have selected a range of over 30 projects that students can get involved with, every week during our Friday afternoon sessions, both on and off site. Projects range from marine biology to forest conservation, from urban farming to setting up micro businesses. The aim is to develop a long-lasting relationship between the school and the projects to help students experience a variety of situations and be able to reflect on the impact of their actions.

The aim is to create life-changing experiences for both our students and the communities we support. Years 7, 8 and 9 will undertake an outdoor education programme which will give the students an opportunity to discover new interests and talents. All students will take part in the POWIIS Challenge which is endorsed by Roots and Shoots Malaysia “The Jane Goodall Institute” and they also have the opportunity to use this evidence to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh International Awards. Alongside this the students will have a wide variety of educational trips linked to the curriculum.

Exciting times ahead at POWIIS!