Experience the Digital Built Environment and Infrastructure through the ‘Design Engineer Construct!’ (DEC) Learning Programme

6 January 2021

What is DEC?

For more than a decade, UK education consultancy and social enterprise Class Of Your Own (COYO) has inspired children to experience the ‘Digital Built Environment and Infrastructure’ through the ‘Design Engineer Construct!’ (DEC) Learning Programme. Children and young people are provided with a unique opportunity to develop the knowledge, competencies, behaviours and skills fundamental to successful careers in architecture, engineering and construction.

Across the POWIIS curriculum, from Year 5 to Year 9, students are encouraged to put people and the planet first, aligning with the UN-Sustainable Development Goals, the themes of social, environmental and economic sustainability run throughout the programme. Learners discover how to minimise their own, and their community’s, impact on the planet through role play and project-based learning. They understand the value of inclusivity and diversity, designing for a world where everyone matters.