Prince of Wales Island International School, Penang, Malaysia


POWIIS has impressive music facilities.

Classroom music lessons for Years 7-9 are taught in large music rooms in the heart of the school. One is equipped with a grand piano, full size drum set and audio equipment. The other has an upright piano and further audio equipment. Students are encouraged to use these rooms during their break times and lunch times to practise their instruments.

Another exciting music facility at POWIIS is the school’s auditorium building. As well as providing an impressive performance space that seats an audience of 500, it also houses 10 rehearsal and music rooms. These are small rooms designed for one to one music tuition or for small groups.

The auditorium is designed as a concert hall for classical music, but the acoustics can be tuned for other purposes including drama and lectures. The stage is big enough for a full orchestra.

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