Feedback and Complaints Procedure

At POWIIS we value your feedback and take all complaints made by parents seriously. We aim to maintain a good relationship between parents and the School and wish to ensure there are constant open communication channels accessible to parents. We also aim to ensure that teaching and pastoral care remain at a high standard.

We have set out a complaints procedure below to ensure that all your complaints are dealt with efficiently.

Stage 1: Informal Complaint
It is hoped that most complaints can be dealt with in this fashion. If you have a specific complaint, please contact your child’s Tutor by telephone or email at the outset, stating explicitly that you are wishing to make a complaint. The Tutor will deal with the complaint with the relevant member of staff. In most cases this should resolve matters immediately and you will be informed of the progress of this by telephone or by email.

If this matter cannot be resolved then the Tutor will refer this matter to the Principal for his decision on how this matter is to be rectified.

The Tutor will make a record of all complaints and concerns and the date of which this was received. You should receive a response from the Tutor within one working week. In the event that you do not receive a response within one week, you should proceed to Stage 2 of the complaints procedure.

Stage 2: Formal Complaint
All formal complaints should be sent to the Principal in writing either by post or email at [email protected], the document being headed ‘Complaint’. The Principal will then arrange a meeting with you to discuss the complaints personally and to agree a course of action. In most cases during term time, the Principal will meet with you within one week of receiving the complaint and it is hoped that a resolution can be reached at this stage.

In the event that further investigations are necessary, the Principal will keep a written record of the complaint and the meetings conducted in relation to this complaint. Once the Principal is satisfied that all facts have been established and all the relevant investigations have been carried out, a decision will be made. You will be informed in writing of the facts that were established, the decision that has been made, the reason for this decision and any future actions that will take place.
We hope that you will be satisfied with the outcome at this stage. In the event that you are not satisfied with this decision, please proceed to Stage 3 of the complaints procedure.

Stage 3: Board of Governors hearing
In the event that you are not satisfied with the outcome from your meeting with the Principal, the Principal will refer your complaint to the Board of Governors. The Principal will present your complaint formally to the Board of Governors whereby it will be discussed and decided whether the Principal’s decision will stand or there should be an alternative outcome. If an alternative outcome is necessary, this will be decided at the Board of Governors meeting.

You will be informed of the decision that has been reached and the reasons supporting this decision in writing within two weeks of the meeting.

All complaints will be treated in a confidential manner and with respect. The School will keep a written record of all complaints, their outcomes and of whether they were resolved in the preliminary stages or at a panel hearing. This record will be kept in School for three years.
If you have any queries in relation to this Complaints Procedure please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].