FOBISIA Virtual Swimming Championships 2021 – Report

30 June 2021

Last month, swimmers from 5 international schools across SE Asia took part in a timing meet in their home country, so their results could be sent in to find the individual winners in each category and compare and rank against the best swimmers across 5 international schools in SE Asia

Well done to the 8 POWIIS swimmers who took part and achieved lots of top 3 places against the schools’ best swimmers – a fabulous achievement!


11-12 Girls 200m Medley relay – 2nd
Hayley Guan
Sookie Shi
Caitlin Tang
Sher Min Chang

11-12 Girls 50m Freestyle
Eunice Yap – 2nd

11-12 Girls 100m Backstroke
Eunice Yap – 2nd

11-12 Girls 50m Backstroke
Eunice Yap – 2nd

11-12 Boys 50m Breaststroke
Krishan Wong Murelidara – 3rd

11-12 Girls 100m Butterfly
Caitlin Tang – 1st

11-12 Girls 100m Freestyle
Caitlin Tang – 3rd

11-12 Girls 100m Backstroke
Caitlin Tang – 3rd

13-14 Girls 200m IM
Ruby Lewis O’Shea – 2nd

15-18 Boys 100m Breaststroke
Daniel Philip Taylor – 2nd

15-18 Boys 50m Butterfly
Daniel Philip Taylor – 2nd