International COYO Design Challenge

8 January 2021

Last month, POWIIS and POWIIS Primary took part in the international COYO design challenge. Students were invited to design the Esteem Pavilion in Dubai for the The Solar Decathlon Middle East 2020 – a solar-powered, highly sustainable building. A place where new homeowners, and their local communities, can learn how living in an Esteem House is just the starting point for a life that is people and planet friendly…where climate change issues, and the challenge of the Dubai climate support a change in the way a community works, rests and plays.
Within Year 9 Students have been completing the Home for Everyone DEC Connect award and learning about the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Within the POWIIS entry, students applied this knowledge creating a beautiful pavilion design.

We are very proud to announce the POWIIS Primary Year 6 Team of Kaelyn Lee, Isla Hodge and Wei Ning Khoo, has placed 2nd ‘Highly Commended’ in the international COYO Esteem Pavilion Challenge 2020 team category. Children and young people from 300 schools took part over the Summer months ranging from 10 – 16 years old with our students being the youngest.

Here are the entries of POWIIS Primary – “Leaf Queens” (Kaelyn Lee, Wei-ning Khoo and Isla Hodge) and of POWIIS – “Eco Ville” (Year 10 students – Jadyn, Jeanette, Tahlia, Lynn and Atif)