Introducing Ms Holly Northwood

21 July 2020

Ms Holly Northwood, Librarian/ Duke of Edinburgh Scheme Administrator

After completing her BSc in Environmental science and an MSc in Psychology, Ms Holly Northwood (our DofE administrator) is currently undertaking a research PhD at Leeds University studying the positive psychological and behavioral effects of spending time in natural environments, and how nature can be utilized to increase well-being, learning, and physical health.

At POWIIS we appreciate our unique location; one of greenery, trees, fruit farms, hills and animals. This is not a disadvantage; it is by far the absolute opposite. Recent research into different school learning environments have concluded that the ability for critical thinking is enhanced when a child is outdoors or has nature based views, specifically with regards to pupils struggling in a typically academic setting. We ensure that our pupils have every opportunity to get outdoors; to beach clean, to hike, to camp, to volunteer, and to play.

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