John Dolman – Deputy Curriculum Leader (Language & Culture)

8 October 2021

Mr Dolman was born in Wales although he left at the age of 6 weeks and never picked up the accent. From there he lived in Scotland and Lincolnshire before his family settled in the North East of England where he grew up, went to school and later University; studying English at Sunderland before gaining his PGCE Secondary at Newcastle University.Mr Dolman has spent 22 years teaching in the North East of England, most of which has been spent in leadership positions within English departments of the schools in which he has taught.

Mr Dolman was also the Eco-schools coordinator at his previous school and is deeply interested in environmental and community issues.

A keen outdoorsman, he enjoys sports climbing, hiking and trail running and is looking forward to exploring the island of Penang and Malaysia more widely. Both he and his wife Nicola are also trained martial arts instructors – in fact this is how they met!