Junior Sports Leaders Award

19 April 2019

Words of wisdom from a POWIIS alumna to all of our current students:

Dear POWIIS students, I am Noor van Wetten. I was a student at Prince of Wales Island International School from 2013 until 2017. In year 9, I had to make a decision regarding my extra-circular activity for the upcoming academic years. I selected the Junior Sports Leaders Award, and I certainly do not regret it and I am about to explain why.

As I enjoyed this extra circular activity under the guidance of Mr. Streat I decided to pursue my joy and passion for guiding, designing sessions and assisting young children during sports activities. I managed to do so by applying for a job as a camp counselor at an American Summer camp. Being a counselor means that you are responsible for a group of children aged 7 to 9 at all times. The Junior Sports Leadership Award has taught me to take on this responsibility. This was a key component that was much appreciated by the camp directors. In order to take part in this program, I had to complete an application and participate in an interview. Having a recognised and well-appreciated certificate for the Junior Sports Leaders Award program definitely made my application stand out. My certificate was highly appreciated by the camp directors and one of the major reasons why they decided to accept me. After sharing my story with you on how a JSLA certificate is beneficial and can help you with future applications, I hope and definitely advise you to take JSLA as your extra-circular activity.