Keystage 3 Photoshop

14 May 2021

Our students in Years 7 to 9, have been learning to ´photoshop´ this term and will ultimately be making an animated PowerPoint, talking to one of the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals.

Here is an example of Afzan Asmin’s (7W) work. They had to change the neck tie’s colour for one cat. And do these 10 more times. We use a specific tool called the ‘Magic Wand’ that only selects a certain colour and then keeps it highlighted. Students then used the Paintbrush or Paint Bucket tool to fill in a new colour.

Eunice Yap also of 7W created the one of ‘Cinamon and Maroon’. In another lesson, students used the same tool and zoomed into individual pixels so they could change parts of the stripes of the cats. They are also learning to use layers, which is a feature of all photoshopping programs that allows text or other images to be included in the same photo. This is one of the magazine industry’s tricks to show a person standing either on their own or against a backdrop that the person wasn’t in before.