KS2 Non-fiction Reading

19 November 2021

This month KS2 classes have been looking at non-fiction books to celebrate ‘Non-Fiction November’. Not all non-fiction books are full of facts and information, there are different styles of non-fiction books with different writing styles and different ways to present the information. For example, narrative non-fiction books, such as biographies, are stories (narratives) written about real people’s lives or events and active non-fiction books invite the reader to participate and interact with the book, like in cooking, science experiments or arts & crafts books. Some classes learned how to make an origami bird during their library lessons. Browsable non-fiction books are great for sharing with a friend, with eye-catching designs and short snippets of information and facts. I will be sharing some of these books with class teachers to make sure that each room has their classroom library full ready for everyone’s return to school!

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