After School Activities


A good education involves much more than passing exams.

At the Prince of Wales Island International School, every pupil will be engaged in a range of activities outside of the classroom. As in their academic lives, we shall expect a level of commitment and a breadth of involvement which will see our pupils make the most of their time at school. Also, as in their academic pursuits, experienced and enthusiastic staff will be on hand to support and encourage.

Whenever possible, we shall pass on certain aspects of the responsibility for creating and leading activities to senior pupils, providing them with essential leadership and organisational experience, and the crucial role of taking responsibility for themselves and for others.

Sport and Physical Recreation

At the Prince of Wales Island International School we recognise that for many young people self-esteem, drive and ambition are rooted in their success in sport.

We also realise that not every child is a natural sportsman or woman. We shall provide a range of sports, both competitive and non-competitive, individual and team. We believe in good physical health and the importance of learning about competition and setting targets. Pupils gain much fulfilment from being part of a team and representing their School with pride and ambition.

The range of sports listed below is an indication of the breadth of physical activities we provide:

  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Gym
  • Netball
  • Table tennis
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Touch rugby
  • Yoga
  • Badminton
  • Fitness
  • Running
  • Ultimate Frisbee


The creation of a broad and rich ECA programme is an essential part of school life and ensures all students have the opportunity to develop their talents, build confidence and explore interests above and beyond the curriculum. At POWIIS Primary we aim to offer outstanding extra-curricular provision, which provides significant enrichment to your child’s educational experience. As well as building skills and having fun, an effective ECA programme helps students develop their social skills as they will often be interacting with teachers and students from outside their class or year group. When taking part in the ECA programme, we want our students to have fun, perhaps try something new, enjoy themselves, to build friendships and to work together.

A well-designed ECA programme should provide opportunities for children to:

  • Develop their social awareness, group responsibility and empathy

  • Extend their talents and skills individually or as part of a team

  • Explore interests and take part in activities irrespective of their ability or previous experience

Click HERE to view a sample list of ECAs we offer in school.