School Meals


At POWIIS we promote healthy eating and taking care of students’ physical wellbeing. The school cafeteria is large and spacious; a place where teachers and students can eat together in a relaxed setting.The menu for each week is available on our website by the Friday of the preceding week, and offers a range of Asian, western, noodle, vegetarian and sandwich type options.  There is also a range of fruits, desserts and drinks available every day.

Students can make payment for their meal in one of 3 ways:

  • Touch n Go app on their handphone 
  • Grab pay app on their handphone
  • Cash

Alternatively, students may bring a packed lunch with them from home, but please note that deliveries by organisations such as Grab, Foodpanda etc are not permitted, and any that arrive will be sent away.

Here are the weekly menus for January 2021:

18 – 22 January 2021

25 – 29 January 2021

POWIIS Primary

Students can either bring their packed lunches from home or order from a curated list of lunch providers. With different menus available every month, they have the flexibility to select a different meal every day or stick to their favourites. 

Here is the list of lunch providers for January 2021:

Tasty Kitchen (January 2021)

Mustard Seed (January 2021)

Strada Lunch (January 2021)

Superkidd (January 2021)

Yumbox (January 2021)

Happy Box (January 2021)