School Meals


In POWIIS, we promote healthy eating and taking care of the students’ physical wellbeing. The school cafeteria is large and spacious where teachers and students eat together in a relaxing setting. There is a daily selection of menus from vegetarian to non-vegetarian, including a salad and sandwich bar by the side. In secondary school, students use a pre-paid card system to order food during snack and lunch time. 

POWIIS Primary

Students can either bring their packed lunches from home or order from a curated list of lunch providers. With different menus available every month, they have the flexibility to select a different meal every day or stick to their favourites. 

Here is the list of lunch providers:

Strada POWIIS Lunch Menu (Mar 2020)

SuperKidd (Jan-Apr 2020)

YumBox (Apr-May 2020)

Happy Box (Apr-May 2020)

Mustard Seed (Apr-May 2020)

Tasty Kitchen (Mar 2020)