Well Being (Pastoral Care | PSHE)

There is a network of teachers and professionals to look after your child, treating each as an individual and working to ensure their happiness.

The level of care is paramount. Every member of the teaching staff acts as a personal tutor to a small number of pupils. The tutors meet regularly with the pupils assigned to them, mostly at one to one tutorials and occasionally in small groups. The tutor monitors progress, provides encouragement and channels advice. The tutor provides guidance to a tutee through conversations about such matters as academic progress, any problems being faced, extra-curricular involvement and more generally about how life is going. Discussions become more structured when there are decisions to be made such as curriculum choices, careers and university applications.

The Prince of Wales Island International School operates a House system, each house made up of both boys and girls, day pupils and boarders. Each pupil develops a sense of belonging and loyalty towards their house. The teachers, as tutors, also belong to houses. Each house is led by a housemaster or housemistress who coordinates the work of the tutors and oversees the pastoral care of pupils in the house.