Meet Mr Scott Colton

9 April 2021

Alongside teaching psychology, fulfilling the role as a head of year has been part of Mr Scott Colton’s resume for over twenty years now and one in which he takes great pride. He has worked internationally in Hong Kong and Shanghai, along with schools in Bahrain and Jordan, and has enjoyed leading all groups from year 7 to 13. Mr Scott Colton is delighted to be taking year 10 into what is an incredibly important time for everyone involved.

Commencement of the IGCSE program can be both exciting and daunting, as the demands in terms of workload and higher-order thinking take a little time to adapt to. Independent learning, effective research skills, and self-organisation prove vital, and with the help of a hugely talented team of tutors, he and his team will ensure that each student builds a solid foundation on which to develop a growth mindset. Academic progress will be regularly monitored with swift intervention for those in need, whilst there will be many opportunities and activities for social and personal development throughout their time together. In short, Year 10 will be one to remember, as they enjoy all that their wonderful school has to offer and set sail towards achieving their full potential.