Meet our Eco Sustainability Leader

29 September 2020

Jessica Chapman, Eco sustainability leader

Working at POWIIS Primary gives me the opportunity to educate future generations about sustainable living and the precious eco systems that need our attention and care. POWIIS Primary is ideally located to allow for hands-on Eco experiences which I hope will become part of the school ethos and culture as we grow and develop.

My vision involves developing sustainable education through local opportunities such as beach cleans. I hope for Eco learning to continue to develop as an integral part of the curriculum, with a particular focus on our local environment and how we can sustain it for future generations. In addition, I hope aspects such as recycling and reducing waste become a part of our daily culture across the whole school. I am passionate about developing understanding of the delicate state of the eco systems in the world and how individuals working together to make small changes creates a big difference.