Meet our Head of Aquatics!

24 August 2020

Ms Sarah Evans, Head of Aquatics

POWIIS Primary is special to me as it allows me to share my passion for swimming, supporting children with their development, whatever their levels are.

My passion is to promote the love of swimming, from encroaching young swimmers to take their first leap into the pool, to coaching competitive swimmers to become elites. I was a member of the Welsh National swim team, trained and competed with the British Olympic Water Polo Team. Throughout my teaching career, I have worked as a club coach and have helped develop swimming programmes across the UK. With the introduction of the POWIIS Dragons Swim Squads during the first year at POWIIS Primary, I look forward to continue developing the POWIIS swim programme by creating opportunities for all students to improve and move forward. During my free time, I enjoy spending family time with my son, JC, and husband who is currently the Head of PE at POWIIS Primary, Mr Evans.