Meet our Head of KS3!

24 August 2020

Ishanga Thatsaranee Wijewardana, Teacher of Biology & Head of KS3

I joined POWIIS as the Head of KS3, from an Independent Secondary school in Knightsbridge. My career encompasses 11 years as a teacher of Science as well in the Finance industry.

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia. My family and I then relocated to the U.K., where I completed my Biomedicine at the University of Westminster, London. I completed my Master’s in Education at Anglia Ruskin University, whilst training to become a teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed the move here to Penang and meeting new people. In my free time, I love travelling and exploring new cultures. I am also a professional dancer and I have performed for various dance shows some of which have taken place in London, Marrakesh and New York.