Meet our Head of Music – Ms Astamarie Hodgson

7 September 2020

POWIIS Primary initially appealed to me as a start up school which would provide me with a professional challenge, and it also had a real sense of care about the community and students, which over the past year it has proven to be the case.

Having started my formal musical education by learning the cello aged 7, I now find myself a highly qualified, continually ambitious, and hopefully inspirational music teacher of 12 years. My varied experience in teaching both curriculum and group instrumental lessons combined with the numerous responsibility roles I have held over the years, all in very contrasting settings and encompassing a wide age range of students (2 – 16yrs), makes me confident and excited about the future prospects for Music at POWIIS Primary. As Head of Music, I am passionate about myself and my team being able to provide engaging and holistic experiences for all students which should ignite enjoyment of, and curiosity about music, whilst also providing the opportunity to nurture and explore the benefits of creative learning in general. Music is so much more than a lesson to be attended. It is social. Is it personal. It is mathematical. It is abstract. It is technical. It is explorative. Through delivering high quality curriculum lessons, Orchestral Instrumental Programme lessons, 1-1 Instrumental lessons, singing assemblies, productions, and a rich ECA programme, I hope that students at POWIIS Primary will develop an intricate and meaningful relationship with music which they can carry forward with them into Secondary school and beyond.