Meet our Safeguarding Officer!

24 August 2020

Ms Karen White, Year 1 Teacher/Safeguarding Officer

POWIIS Primary is special to me for its internationalism. Living in a multicultural world, I think it is important for our children to grow up knowing that they are part of one big family.

I have been working as an international teacher for many years doing posts in the Middle East, China and the United Kingdom. For me, the beauty of this job is the teaching. I am responsible for safeguarding and child protection in the school where I meet with the Principal every week. I enjoy working as a teacher in an International School and the ability to learn about the different cultures. For my daughter, it is the ability to learn new languages and to also socialise with children from different nationalities. I like to learn about the different ways of life and to embrace the changes. I love the sunshine, so Penang is the place for me to explore!

At POWIIS Primary students’ safety and protection is our utmost priority.
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