Prince of Wales Island International School, Penang, Malaysia

Meillia Kee

Meillia grew up in small town New Zealand where she had the freedom to explore the natural environment around her. This desire to find out about the world led her to live, study and teach in different cities in New Zealand, Japan, the U.K and Malaysia.
She arrived in Penang with her husband after sailing here on our yacht ͞Per Ardua͟ from New Zealand. Beginning in January 2012, this fantastic journey through the Pacific and SE Asia with our three children has introduced them to many cultures and experiences. Travelling, they met such a wide range of people, learning their stories and giving them many stories to tell.
She is enjoying living in Penang and she has fallen in love with so many new things here, from eating Asam Laksa to coaching touch rugby. She joins POWIIS as a teacher of Computing at KS3 and ICT at KS4.