Mr Alan Reeves – English as an Additional Language (EAL) Leader

23 June 2021

Alan joined POWIIS after a four-year spell of teaching English Language and Literature at Tenby International Secondary School, Penang, alongside teaching English as an Additional Language at the British Council, Penang.

Alan enjoys watching students learning the language of English and gaining their confidence using all four disciplines of reading, writing, speaking and listening to a level where they can confidently integrate within a mainstream classroom. Additionally, he is passionate about teaching and learning with students who face greater challenges, whether it be through language or learning difficulties. He believes that the student who is the hardest to teach is the one who needs a teacher the most.

Prior to this, Alan was employed within the field of Humanitarian and Disaster relief, addressing South East Asia. In his earlier career, he was an engineer where he specialised in space orbital mechanics and decay predictions. In his spare time, Alan enjoys playing the guitar in a local rock band and motorcycling the length and breadth of Malaysia.