Mr Edwin Lim – Deputy Curriculum Leader (Physical Education) and Co-curricular Activity Coordinator

1 July 2021

Mr. Edwin Lim grew up in Penang, Malaysia, and went on to read Liberal Studies with a focus in psychology in Wawasan Open University. He later continued his journey into Masters in Education (TESL) in the same university and also completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education international (PGCEi) at the University of Nottingham, UK. Edwin has found passion in teaching prior to joining POWIIS where he taught in national schools and involved in organizing teams for sporting competitions.

In his new role as Deputy Curriculum Leader in PE and Sport, he looks forward to continuing promoting sports and aims to provide opportunities for the students to participate and compete in. He is a strong believer in life-long learning and learning should happen both ways (teacher and students) and not limited to only the classroom. In continuing the belief, he is keen to put together a diverse extracurricular activities (ECA) programme in the hope to develop student’s skills and interests outside the classroom. In his free time, he was involved in various charity events as a professional photographer and supported Cancerlink Penang Dragon Boat team from 2011-2014 to raise awareness of breast cancer through participating in the yearly Penang International Dragon Boat Festival.