Ms Anne Wilkinson – Curriculum Leader (Science)

14 May 2021

Anne Wilkinson grew up in the North of England close to Sheffield and Manchester. She studied chemistry at Nottingham University and began her career as a research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry. She entered teaching in 1983 working in Northumberland and has never looked back. She completed a Masters degree in Education at the University of Newcastle with a focus on school management. Anne joined POWIIS in August 2011 and worked for 6 years before leaving for the USA . Anne is passionate about science education and believes that in order to survive in this ever more complex world, all children need to learn how to think scientifically and have a good grounding in all 3 sciences. Since her early days in Northumberland, Anne has worked in India, the USA and Costa Rica as well as Malaysia.

When she is not in school she enjoys playing golf and spending time with her 3 dogs, 2 chocolate labradors brought from Costa Rica and one rescued Malaysian street dog.