Plastic Recycling Station Official Opening

10 April 2021

On Monday, we officially opened our own Recycling Station which is situated at the carpark. We are now able to collect Type 2 and Type 5 plastic which will be sent to POWIIS (Secondary) where it can be upcycled into new products!

From today onwards, you are able to drop off Type 2 and 5 plastic (collected at home) in the bins provided at the Recycling Station. Please make sure it is clean and dry before placing it in the correct recycling bin. The children have looked at these types of plastics at school. Typically they are bottles from cleaning products, frosted white milk cartons, punnets from vegetables, straws and bottle lids. There is more information on the bins.

Thank you in advance for your donations and helping us to reduce plastic waste! Keep an eye out for our fundraising to continue our plastic upcycling journey with an injection machine!