POWIIS Aquathlon Training Session

8 October 2021

POWIIS Aquathlon Training Session – Saturday 9th October (8.00-10.30am)

Unfortunately the current restrictions still mean that we cannot offer a full event that involves students/children – we will be looking to hold a junior event in the near future when MCO conditions allow.

However we can still offer an open training event on this date for adults (or 16+ years) who have been vaccinated (we will ask for proof of this upon entry to the site on the day). Although not a full competitive event it is a chance to take part as preparation/training…

1) Individual Short Course: 375m swim (15 lengths)/2.5km Run
2) Individual Long Course: 750m Swim (30 lengths)/5K run
3) RELAY: Pairs – 375m swim (15 lengths)/2.5km Run
You are more than welcome to take part in an individual & the relay – or even both individual and a relay!

REGISTRATION: If you are interested in taking part please complete the registration form link (below) by Friday 1st October – final details will be sent out on Saturday 2nd October.