POWIIS DEC Eco Project

26 February 2021

POWIIS Primary Eco Warriors started the year learning about different types of plastic. They then organised and sorted plastic that had been collected at school ready for a recycling trip to POWIIS. In addition, they have been continuing to work on creating Eco bricks which they are hoping to make into some little chairs and tables. Plans for beach cleans have also been made which hopefully will be able to be carried out soon!

The POWIIS Secondary Eco Committee was formed at the start of 2021 and it has already made a fantastic impact on the school and wider community. The team cannot wait to get back in school and put a number of initiatives into place. Currently the team is in the process of applying for our WWF Eco Schools Bronze award. The committee’s first focus has been tackling waste within the school and also within the community. Together with POWIIS Primary we would love your help. If you have any HDPE (code 2) items please bring them into the DT department for processing. We are also making preparations for Earthday in April with little Eco challenges being set each week.