POWIIS Primary Mid-Autumn Festival

19 November 2021

At POWIIS Primary, we respect the diversity of our community and this week, the Mandarin department planned and organised learning activities around the Mid-Autumn Festival topic.

The school sang “月亮圆 Yue Liang Yuan”(The Round Moon) song, hand made lanterns, snow skin mooncakes, read and wrote about one of the most famous Tang Poems, 静夜思 jìng yè sī (Silence and Nostalgia of the Night).

Please enjoy the videos put together by our Mandarin teachers and students.
School singing “月亮圆” – https://youtu.be/539bvBefrhM
Students making mooncakes – https://youtu.be/3g4kimkYfEg

Have a lovely weekend.