POWIIS Primary’s First Inter-School Sports Fixture

15 October 2019

Monday the 7th of October 2019 will be marked in POWIIS Primary’s history book as the first inter-school sports fixture. The school sent three teams of boys and one team of girls to face St Christopher’s and Straits International in a set of friendly football matches. The event was held at the CRC field in Georgetown. Friendly was the label of the afternoon and the children from all three schools certainly delivered.

All teams played hard, fast football under a sweltering afternoon sun. And throughout showed great sportsmanship and positive, supportive attitudes. There were friends made and friends reunited which gave the afternoon its buzz.

Special thanks to the SCIPS PE department for hosting and along with the parents of all competitors for creating a wonderful afternoon of football. Lastly, we want to thank the staff of POWIIS Primary for giving their time and support, it would not have been possible without them.