Prince of Wales Island International School, Penang, Malaysia

Spanish Club

This term, the Spanish club enjoyed the company of Mrs. Doege, who visited to teach the students (and their teacher!) how to make salsa. She also helped the students with their pronunciation, and shared anecdotes and history about her native Argentina. In conjunction with the last meeting of the term, Mrs. Doege taught the club a Northern Argentina specialty – chipacitos, which are little cheese balls made out of tapioca flour.

The students loved getting their hands floury, and shaping the chipacitos. For many, it was their first time tasting Swiss gruyere (a kind of cheese), and enjoyed the blend of three different kinds of cheese needed to make the dish. The kitchen staff were an immense help as well, and everyone had a delightful time with the finished product, and some fruit juice.

The recipe is available below for those interested to try out the recipe themselves, and practise their Spanish along the way!

– 1kg tapioca starch
– 3 eggs
– 250g gaoda cheese
– 250g cheddar
– 100g butter
– 600g warm milk
– 20g salt