Term 1 Recap!

31 December 2019

Term 1 flew by with a blink of an eye. We are immensely proud of what the children had achieved and experienced during the past 4 months! The EYFS and Year 2 showcased their courage and performing skills during their productions, our weekly assembly had been full of fun and wonder with opportunities such as public speaking from Year 3, 4 and 5, giving out of star awards and most importantly which house was leading! Our EYFS, Year 3 and 6 had their first learning sessions beyond their classrooms which were supported by our wonderful parent volunteers. The Dragons held their swim meet, inviting 3 to 4 other schools over to our campus in November. Some of our students were also involved in Sports Weekend 2019 earlier this month! Last but not least, we had a memorable time during the Christmas concert last week and a casual caroling session during pick up time. We hope all of you enjoyed this term with your children and we wish you a Merry Christmas once again. See you next term!