The Official Launch of Our New House Logos and Banners

29 September 2020

This year at POWIIS the whole pastoral house system has seen a fresh burst of energy with new leadership. Mention ‘Houses’ in the context of any school and you are instantly transported to ‘Hogwarts’ and all the connotations of the sorting hat. Originating from boarding schools in the UK, where students lived in a ‘House’ the inclusion of a house system underpins our school values and thanks to J.K Rowling and those 4 most famous houses, there is more awareness than ever of the advantages the house system brings.
We are pleased to present the official launch of our new house logos and banners. Each of the houses draws inspiration from the UK counties they are named after. The idea behind the designs is the concept of identity (the colour), collaboration (the swirl), competition (the mascot looking out) and leadership (the mascot leading the troop).

Cornwall “Knights” – The coat of arms draws inspiration from the proud knights of the round table and the county’s raven which resides on the cliffs. The Knights’ motto “Onwards to victory”.

Durham “Lions” – The Golden Lions of Durham up-hold the city’s values of strength and commitment. The Lions’ motto is “Fear the pride”.

Kent “Mustangs” – Building on from the Kent Stallions, adding a multicultural and gender-neutral breed of horse. The Mustangs’ motto is “Charging to success”.

Glamorgan “Dragons” – The heart of the Welsh county. The Dragons’ motto is “The fire inside”.

Rutland “Foxes” – Foxes comes from the numerous foxes that roam England’s smallest county. The Foxes’ motto is “Strength in numbers”.

Somerset “Eagles” – The white-tailed Eagle hails from Taunton in Somerset. The Eagles’ motto is “Setting the standard”.
Kher Shin Goh (Year 13) was the senior designer behind the new artwork.